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Go-karting Mahabaleshwar

Velocity Entertainmentz GO KART TRACK Mahabaleshwar


VELOCITY ENTERTAINMENTZ, PANCHGANI INDIA’S ONLY PROFESSIONAL GO KART TRACK ON A MOUNTAIN Imagine Yourself a ‘Burning rubber, adrenaline rush” kinda guy? Go-karting is a safe, legal way for you to indulge yourself at the most beautiful mountain in Panchgani at 1200 meters above sea level. It is the only Go Kart Track in India on a mountain, at the Sahyadari Range (Konkan Ghats) with the Chilling 20-25 degree temperature all year round. A perfect getaway to nature and the superbly built Go Kart Track is a Nirvana for all the Motoring-Enthusiasts in India.

Amusement includes a lot of Indoor and Outdoor Games that the day wont be enough! Indoor Games: Air Hockey, Rifle Shooting, Horse Riding and Helicopter Riding for Kids and Basket Ball Challenge Outdoor Games: Dashing Cars, Giant Wheel, Drop Tower, Gyroscope, Bungee Ejection, Bungee Trampoline, Hanging Merry-go-round and Rodeo-bull.

Pratapgarh fort

Pratapgarh Fort Mahabaleshwar


Pratapgarh fort situated around 24km.west of Mahableshwar,The fort compises two ancient forts,one is the upper fort built on the top of the hill,while the other is the lower
fort on the south,The Bhavani temple and Afzal khan tomb are the other very popular place to visit,The historic battale between Shivaji maharaj and Afzal khan,The commander of the Bijapur sultanate fought here and this the major attraction over there. A must see fort for every Indian to know the history and life of Shivaji Maharaj. One must hire a guide to explore the fort with proper explanation about amazing ideas behind the making of this fort.